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D   E   N   N   I   N   G      M   c   C   L   E   E   R   Y

Denning 1970

Keyboards and Vocals - email

I went on the road to So FLA in 1971 while on a waiting list to go to UCONN. We were very successful in the Miami clubs; Newport 7 seas, Playboy Club - where marilyn and I almost met up - she was getting her promo photos taken next door at Bunny Yaegers…

The Supremes

I was opening act for SUPREMES, FRANKIE AVALON, KINGSTON TRIO, BROOKLYN BRIDGE , DOUVELLES, JOEY DEE AND STARLIGHTERS, etc… I was featured on Spanish television singing LA Bamba as Jesse James and the Western Electric - came back - got into jazz - worked with Gay Mehegan and many NYC greats -- and big band swing music -- opening act at the Eden Roc for that crazy Puerto Rican hairdresser - can't think of his name - anyway, went back to school at 35 to become a music teacher at ¿Music University?. At the same time I worked as a band assistant, librarian and tour manager for Gerry Mulligan.


I moved to Buffalo in 19?? and was featured soloist with Orchard Park Symphony and Shriner's Chorus featured soloist - Both opera and Broadway music - now I'm back into R@B and sing with a blues band and… am working on a solo act now with most all genres involved- except opera - "don't want to hurt nobody" that's all for now !!

Denning & Nancy

Denning clowning with Nacy Boyd at sound-check 2005

Denning 2005

One of Denning's rare moments standing still.